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Aicher Herbst Kultur

One of the most popular events in Haus im Ennstal is Aicher Herbst Kultur: a cultural cycle that reflects 12 years of expertise and experience along with the HEART of this community.

This year, for the 12th time, the Aich organizers bring a mix of traditional and modern, along with a sense of freshness to the variety-filled program of Aicher Herbst Kultur. The locals here in Aich love to get straight to the point. No surprise, then, that the opening event is always the biggest in Haus im Ennstal.

The Aich fair, with performers, music groups, delicious treats, craftsmen and -women and artists both from the region and around the world, has been circled on the calendars of many locals and visitors alike- All day long, the singing, dancing, good food and exciting performances simply never stop.

Adventure Park

The 1st adventure park at 1800 meters above sea level opened in the summer of 2008: "Planai Adventure Park" was built right next to the mountain station of the Planai gondola lifts. Aside from impressive views of Ennstal and the Dachstein Massif, you will discover yet another unique highlight: special stations that have been dedicated to the famous ski stars who have managed to win the famous "Nightrace" on the Planai slalom hill!

Dachstein Skywalk

The Dachstein gondola carries passengers up into a world of high-alpine adventure. Sightseeing, snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, taking in the scenery - you can do it all on the Dachstein. The mega highlights: the "Dachstein Sky Walk" and the "Dachstein Ice Palace".

The Mushroom Path

The Mushroom Path in Rohrmoos near Schladming is a nature path that introduces everyone to the various mushrooms that are native to the area. There are pictures to help you identify them and their special features are explained in detail. The starting point of the Mushroom Path is the car park for the Hochwurzen summit lift, taking you through the forest until you reach the Mushroom Village - always guaranted to thrill our youngest visitors.

The walk takes between one and one-and-a-half hours - and the path is also pram-friendly!

Wild Untertal

Untertal has so much to offer, such as fishing in the Untertalbach next to Gasthof Tetter, or the Waldhäuslalm, guaranteed to excite youngsters, especially, with its big playground and a petting zoo.

At 14 different stations, the people of Untertal tell about their valley: things that are spectacular and hidden, local life and work, as well as fascinating facts about the origins of Untertal.

Sky Walk & Ice Palace

The "Dachstein Ice Palace" enables visitors to immerse themselves in the hidden worlds of a glacier. The Ice Palace reveals a whole new realm made of ice. The Dachstein Ice Palace also awaits with another highlight during the winter season: A Nativity scene made of ice & snow that is certain to bring joy to the hearts of guests from 25 December on.

Planai & Hochwurzen, our two local mountains

The two local mountains of Schladming-Rohrmoos are ideal destinations for your excursions. Both mountains can easily be reached either by gondola lift or car.

Once there, you will discover short walking paths - on the Planai to the "Place of Reflection" and on the Hochwurzen, where you will find yourself "In Search of Nature". Both the Schladmingerhütte on the Planai as well as the Hochwurzenhütte on the Hochwurzen provide welcome opportunities for rest and refreshments.

Steirischer Bodensee Scenic Road

The Steirischer Bodensee is a jewel nestled in the heart of the Schladming-Dachstein Region. Two 4.5-kilometers-long paved mountain roads lead either over the Gössenberg or the Petersberg into Seewigtal Valley, finally bringing you to the Bodensee car park (1,143 m). Tolls for the road are only collected in summertime. However, this fee - which is used for maintenance of the roads - is included with the Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard. Toll stations are located in Aich and Seewigtal.

Schloss Trautenfels with the Grimming, photo: K. Krenn

Barely a 20-minute drive from Hotel Bärenwirt!

The natural and cultural history of Styria's Ennstal Valley and the Ausseerland is the focus of the collection at Schloss Trautenfels, a collection which, since the 1950s, has brought together zoological, geological and mineralogical specimens as well as archaeological finds from the region.

read more about Schloss Trautenfels

Admont Abbey library

Just 20 minutes' drive from Hotel Bärenwirt!

The library of Admont Abbey is one of the great works of art of European Late Baroque. Here, we discover a marvelous ensemble of different forms of artistic expression (architecture, frescoes, sculptures, manuscripts & printed works), also a reservoir of knowledge that spans many centuries.

learn more about the library at Admont Abbey

Der Wilde Berg - photo Katharina Wassler

Only 55 minutes by car from Hotel Bärenwirt!

A wildlife park full of adventure, providing fascinating insights into the Alpine animal world. Kinder Stadl - A hay loft with a difference, including the opportunity to take a running jump into the hay! 

read more about "Der Wilde Berg"


In this, the town where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, the famous composer understandably takes center stage at many of the sightseeing attractions. His birthplace on Getreidegasse and the Mozart Residence are both well worth a visit. Hohensalzburg Fortress not only offers exceptional views out across the Old City, it also provides fascinating insights into medieval life. Salzburg Cathedral is undoubtedly the most significant sacred building in the city. With its magnificent facade and mighty dome, it represents an impressive example of the Early Baroque.

Giant ice caves in Salzburg

Just a 50-minute drive from Hotel Bärenwirt!

This "World of Ice Giants" is actually a labyrinth of caves that extends some 40 kilometers deep into the mountain, created over an immense period of history. In fact, the first fissures and crevices developed in the process of the Alpine uplifts which occurred some 100 million years ago. Due to chemical and water erosion spanning millennia, these subterranean cracks gradually expanded into big empty chambers.

the World of Ice Giants

Salt mines in Salzburg

Just an hour’s drive from Hotel Bärenwirt!

Salt was, and is one of the most important natural resources in Austria. The oft-mentioned “White Gold” not only gave its name to cities like Salzburg and regions such as the Salzkammergut in Austria, it has also shaped nature, culture and the people themselves since Celtic times. To this day, attentive visitors encounter this historic mineral at many locations in Austria, while Salinen Austria looks back on one of the longest, virtually uninterrupted corporate histories in Europe.

How fortunate that the exciting story of salt can still be experienced first-hand at many of the original locations. At the salt mines in Hallein near Salzburg, Hallstatt in Upper Austria and Altaussee in Ausseerland/Styria, you are able to immerse yourself in the world of salt, the miners, their stories and destinies. On foot or by mine train, you will pick up lots of background information about the theme of salt and the mines themselves. Enjoy a boat ride, gliding across subterranean salt lakes, and slither deep into the mountain on miners’ slides.

A visit to the salt mines in Hallein, Hallstatt or Altaussee is a unique highlight for the whole family. Though the salt mines are also a perfect excursion destination for all forms of group travel in the Salzkammergut or Tennengau – and not only as an option during bad weather.

School groups can look forward to an exciting lesson in the “Subterranean Classroom”. Which all goes to make these fascinating worlds of salt some of the most famous tourism attractions in all of Austria. No matter what the time of year: During the summer holidays, the golden months of autumn and even during the winter months, these three mines are open to guests from around the world. Special children’s tours and even Christmas programs make a family outing an absolute MUST during your vacation or at the weekend.

Naturally, hobby researchers and archaeologists get their money’s worth as well. The millennia-old history of salt is fascinating, while the scientific research work conducted in Hallstatt and Hallein is as exciting as a detective story. The Hallstatt grave fields and the Dürrnberg are absolute hot spots of archaeology in Austria and Europe.

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