Angling during the Summer Holidays

Fly Fishing & Night Fishing near Schladming

Our stream is a small, natural stream where anglers can fish free of charge. Once a week, there is also an opportunity to enjoy night fishing at the Bärenwirt pond for carp and tench. A record-setting carp was caught last year, weighing in at 8.5 kg. Good fly-fishing waters are located along the River Enns (right next to the hotel, flowing through the Enns River Valley), though fishing permits are required for those areas.

2 fishing areas near Aich (Hotel Bärenwirt) and Trautenfels (15 km from the Bärenwirt) totaling 2.5 km in length.

  • Species: brook- and rainbow trout, grayling

At 2 ponds (15 km from the hotel), you can fish for carp, amur, pikeperch and Wels catfish.

from the Assach bridge downstream to the Pruggern bridge (ca. 2.5 km); solely fly fishing - permitted on both sides of the river!

  • Permitted bait/equipment: nymphs, dry and wet fly, streamers, sinker lines and traces - only one form of bait! No spinner fishing.
  • Catch limit: 3 fish / day, including only 1 grayling
  • Infos Hr. Peter Mayer 03682 22701

From the bridge over the Enns in Trautenfels to the Saalaberg bridge in Stainach, ca. 2.5 km. Fishing is permitted with a spinner rod, wobblers, spinners as well as bait fish from 16 March - 15 September. After that date, only fly fishing is allowed. No natural bait - only dead bait fish, no so-called "Tiroler Hölzl" or other systems with rolling weights, no fishing with more than 1 bait.

  • Catch limit: 3 fish /day - including 1 grayling
  • Infos Hr. Peter Mayer 03682 22701

Ca. 2.5 ha water area: Fishing is permitted with 2 rods, each with 1 bait. Anglers may keep 2 fish per day (including only 1 predatory fish.

Ca. 7 ha water area: Fishing is permitted with 2 rods, each with 1 bait. Anglers may keep 2 fish per day (including 1 predatory fish). Carp and amur must be released without exception. Unhooking mat and a sufficiently large landing net are required!

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